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Rocky Rocks The Rockies
The Rocky Horror Convention in Denver, CO - April, 1999
Friday Night Party
~ Random People / Events Pt. 1
~ Random People / Events Pt. 2
~ Arthur as Nun
~ Sal’s lap dance

~ Brady’s Room / Hallway Stuff

~ The Esquire Dynamic Tension Rocky Horror reunion show

The Convention
~ Fetishes and Random People
~ Trivia, Raffle, Boss, etc.
~ The notoriously legendary Costume Contest – Rocky Horror

Saturday – Pre Shows
~ Midnight Madness - Chicago, IL
~ Dynamic Tension - Denver, CO
~ Pink Invaders - Merrillville, IN
~ Barely Legal - San Francisco, CA
~ Midnight Insanity - Long Beach, CA

~ Shock Treatment (The National Official Fan Club Cast) (Incl. Costume contest)

~ National Ensemble Rocky Horror cast at The Mayan

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Impressions of a Unconventional Convention
I’m going to avoid doing an actual con "report". Compared to many, I actually had an uneventful con as far as problems and / or incidents went. My High and Low points summarizes it well enough. I don’t need or bore you with the details or put into any kind of timeline what happened. Overall, I had a very good time and met a lot of great people. I’ll definitely do it again. See you in Tucson (but not in London – sorry).

High Points of the Con
- Always a high point and reason to go to a convention - Meeting dozens of people I’ve heard of, or e-mailed for years – and having most of them at least know me by name. It's even cooler to have people come up to me that I didn’t know to introduce themselves to me (*hint, hint*).

- John from the Pink Invaders finding out he lost out on THREE raffle prizes even though he was in the room, tickets in hand the whole time. Not a high point for John I’m sure, but the moment with Sal was priceless.

- The show at the Mayan on Saturday night.

- Cosmo and Nathan – you guys are a walking routine!

- The AP during the "Hong Kong Cinema" trailers at the Mayan.

- Never a shortage of women running around in their underwear, or really cool boots, or both.

- Rocky people. The greatest. The reason I will come back to cons.

- The gang from Cleveland. Just great to talk to.

- Meeting Brady for the first time in a liquor store. It was just so classically appropriate. How often do you meet a person with the nickname "More Drunk" in a liquor store? (Come to think of it, more often than a person who is nicknamed "Sparky", I guess…)

- The awesome costume and thrift shops on Broadway.

- Watching everyone hanging out on Sunday after it was "over."

Low Points of the Con
- Dealing with the rental car place. The hotel and airline gave me no problems, so Dollar figured they would make up for it by doing everything but bend me over the counter.

- Notably absent people such as Bill, Gene, Bruce, and Quad (I REALLY wanted to see her and Nathan wrestle).

- The sound (sorry, but I’m a HUGE sound person). If a wireless mike is giving you a problem SHUT THE BASE OFF – not the hand unit. I’d rather pull all of my pubic hair out with a tweezers that to listen to a wireless mike go nuts again. And ALWAYS have a backup hardwired mike ready to go. The music should have been ran into the system that did the sound for the ST video. At least you kept the feedback very well under control, which is a plus.

- The costume contest. I’m not bitching about the winners or losers but the fact that there were so few participants.

- Seeing everyone else deal with the hotel.

- Smoking in the Elevators. I’m not one of those militant anti smokers (didn’t mind it in the rooms, the bar, or the show room – it was my choice to be there), but c’mon people have SOME FUCKIN’ COURTESY for those of us that don’t smoke and don’t do it where you’re not supposed to & in a space the size of a closet. I don’t fart in your face, don’t blow smoke in mine – deal?

- The slow ass elevators in general.

- The agonizingly long waits between sets for no apparent reason. Would have been nice to stick to some set times. If we say 10 minutes until the next segment, it’d be nice to not have to wait for 25. I don’t care about the length because I can mingle, just jeez TELL ME!

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