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A convention in Kansas? Yeah, I was a bit skeptical myself as usually it is both the features of the host city and the presence of the locals RHPS cast(s) that dictate the success of a Rocky Horror convention. This one also had a bit going against it from me as it was the final factor in a planned Chicago 2003 convention, that was scheduled for August of 2003, not taking place.
However, I and several other members of Midnight Madness packed for the road trip and attended the con in this city in the Middle of Nowhere, Midwest, USA. I poke a lot of fun at Wichita here (particularly in my Wichita page), but the con was well done - though lacking in events such as a costume contest and preshow performances, they did have some nice touches such as the Fetish Fashion Show and Clue (I like it when cons include things like Clue and Hedwig, that don't see much play otherwise). Though a bit sparsely attended in comparison to many recent conventions, those that did come seemed to have a pretty good time, there didn't seem to be anywhere near the amount of troubles most Rocky Conventions have had with hotels in the past, and there weren't any major negative happenings or incidents. All in all, I had a LOT of fun this weekend, and that's what's really the most important part of a convention, for people to walk away and say that.

Good Job to Albert and the Justice League of Denton for a convention well done!

Location and Dates

This convention took place in Wichita, KS at the Radisson Broadview Hotel and The Orpheum Theater in the downtown area.

The Weekend's Schedule
Friday, June 20, 2003
7:00 PM 
   Party at the Wichita Radisson

Saturday, June 21, 2003
11:00 AM
   Clue at The Orpheum Theater
1:00 PM
   Chinese Food Luncheon at The Orpheum Theater
2:00 PM
   Fetish Fashion Show at The Orpheum Theater
3:00 PM
   Discussion Panels and Raffle
4:00 PM
   Velvet Goldmine at The Orpheum Theater
7:00 PM
   Shock Treatment at The Orpheum Theater
12:00 Midnight
   The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Orpheum Theater

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