ec2000.jpg (69740 bytes) East Coast 2000
The Rocky Horror Convention in Allentown, PA - March, 2000
~ Friday Night & Masquerade Ball
Shock Treatment

Saturday Con

Pre Show Performances
~ Charles Eights, Blues Brothers, South Park - Terrance and Phillip, Jessica Harper
~ Amish Paradise and Puttin' on the Ritz
~ Spice Force Five
~ Eddies Do' Wappin' Teddies - Trixie's Kids from Dallastown, PA
~ The Rocky Horror Disney Show - Tolls of Madness from Virginia Tech
~ It's Raining Men, YMCA - Hilary Maxwell and the NYC Cast
~ Earth Girls Are Easy - Pink Invaders from Merrillville, IN
~ Montage including The Perfect Drug / Alice In Wonderland - Full Body Cast from Cambridge, MA
~ Sonny and Cher, Perre and Sparkle

~ Costume Contest

~ Nell

~ The Boss Award - Larry Viezel

~ The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Other People's Pages
~ The Original / Official EC2000 Con Page
~ Ed Reed's Pictures
~ Dr. Trixie's (Allison's) Pictures
~ Lilly St. Cyr's (Sherri's) Pictures
~ Dan "Kaos" from the ~ Full Body Cast
~ Rocky Horror Rochester "EC2000 Con Special Report"
~ Arthur Levesque's Pictures
~ Phildelphia's Transylvanian Nipple Productions Con Pics

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The Crazed Imaginations Convention Planner

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In Memory of Charles

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"Little Nell" Campbell (a.k.a. Columbia - as if you already didn't know) was a featured guest of the EC2000 convention. She took questions and signed autographs for a couple of hours.

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P0002560.jpg (33848 bytes) P0002563.jpg (31954 bytes) P0002561.jpg (25709 bytes) AC1-03.jpg (22993 bytes)
Kim Shafer does Nell's Beauty Queen before her entrance.

P0002564.jpg (28125 bytes) P0002565.jpg (23368 bytes) 
Bill intros Nell
AC1-09.jpg (32439 bytes)
AC1-08.jpg (29677 bytes) AC1-07.jpg (39752 bytes)
Doin' the swim... Hey Bill, watcha thinking about there, huh?
P0002566.jpg (29224 bytes)

P0002576.jpg (28500 bytes) AC1-17.jpg (44542 bytes)
Giving Nell's baby her first doll.

P0002571.jpg (36074 bytes)
Ruth Fink Winter asks some questions for Crazed Imaginations

P0002569.jpg (36250 bytes)
Arthur shows Nell her stuff in Vogue (he's also holding her "Fever" single).

P0002567.jpg (54652 bytes)
The Audience for Nell

AC1-15.jpg (32184 bytes)
We're not worthy. Bill then says every foot fetishist in the room is now jealous.

AC1-11.jpg (38902 bytes) AC1-10.jpg (23940 bytes)
Nell is Introduced to her Headliners figurine
"My head isn't really that big?" asks Nell.

AC1-06.jpg (35706 bytes) AC1-05.jpg (33056 bytes)
Nell and Tom Savini pose for some pics.

P0002573.jpg (26564 bytes) P0002572.jpg (41747 bytes)

P0002580.jpg (30306 bytes) P0002584.jpg (27801 bytes) P0002579.jpg (32855 bytes) P0002577.jpg (20024 bytes) 

 AC1-14.jpg (44469 bytes) AC1-13.jpg (57573 bytes) AC1-12.jpg (25755 bytes) AC1-16.jpg (35194 bytes)
Some Q and A participants

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