Frankie Goes To Hollywood
The Rocky Horror & Shock Treatment 20th Anniversary Convention 
in Hollywood, CA - June, 2001

Party the Oscar Room

Oscar Horror Show
 ~Part 1
 ~Part 2
 ~Part 3
 ~Part 4
 ~Part 5
 ~Part 6
 ~Part 7
 ~Part 8

Shock Treatment
 ~Part 1
 ~Part 2
 ~Part 3

 ~Events and Candids

Costume Contest
 ~Part 1
 ~Part 2

Rocky Horror
 ~Pre Show Events
Part 1
 ~Part 2
 ~Part 3

Eat a Dik Picnic

 ~Hollywood Pics

 ~The Adventures of Spooky In Hollywood


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The Eat-A-Dik Picnic
On Sunday afternoon, the M.I. crew fed the convention people and we had a softball game.

Crowding the grill for some eats


Samantha eats a Dik, Sarah cools off, Laniey Kit gets dunked in the ice bucket
jefF and Rebecca... Lainey Kit, Larry, Zenin and Chat chat it up

The East Coast vs. West Coast Softball Game

There's really not a whole lot of commentary I can do for the following pictures, though Sebastian Tantras of Tucson's A Jump To The Left (above) did the play by play of the game for Rocky Horror Radio
Game over...
"I watched the West Coast Wankers spank the East Coast Entrails at the Eat-A-Dik Piknik"

Kinda symbolizes how the east coast team felt...

The West Coast winning team

Winding down after a long and successful convention

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