The Rocky Horror 25th Anniversary Official Fox Convention
The Rocky Horror Convention in Las Vegas, NV - October, 2000


(Includes ALL of the weekend events)
Part 1 Pre Con Pics
Part 2 Con Candids

Cashman Theatre

Sal & Dori including the Auction & Raffle
Costume Contest
Boss Award

Shock Treatment Tribute

Cast Pre Shows
Sins O' The Flesh
Transvestite Soup
Pink Invaders
Divine Decadence
Midnight Madness
Dr Scott's Extra Forks
Barely Legal
Charming Underclothes
Rich Weirdo's
Sincere Lust
Permanent Record Cast
Castle Transylvanian's
New York City Cast
A Jump to the Left
Broadway Bound and Gagged
Midnight Insanity

Hard Rock Events
Q & A With Nell, Pat, and Richard
Costume Contest Finals

Rocky Horror
Friday Night
Saturday Night

Las Vegas
Non Con Photos (mostly of the hotels on the strip)

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Costume Contest (Finals)

The finals of the Costume Contest we're judged by a panel consisting of Rocky Horror Celebrities at the Hard Rock Café the day following the preliminaries. There was no doubt that every contestant that made it this far deserved to be there and win already, so Sal told all of the contestants that because the celebrity judges were not experts who have studied every single detail of Sue Blane's stuff, that the contestants best "work it baby!" to have a chance. 
For the most part, those that did won it.

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Judges (l-r) Dori Hartley, Anthony Stewart Head (ASH), Patricia Quinn, Little Nell Campbell, Richard O'Brien, and emcee Sal Piro.

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Finalists Sarah and Emily from Midnight Madness

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Costume Contest Winners

Best Trannie: Julia Young from Midnight Insanity (as Kimi Wong)
Best Crim: Larry Viezel, Home of Happiness
Best Eddie: Mark Tomaino, Midnight Insanity
Best Rocky: Todd Douglass, Castle Transylvanians
Best Columbia: Alison Hassel, Wild and Untamed Things
Best Magenta: Emily Dewey, Sins O The Flesh
Best Space: Emily Dewey, Sins O The Flesh (yes, both categories!)
Best Riff: Mad Man Mike, NYC Cast
Best Brad: Bernie Bregman, Sins O The Flesh
Best Janet: Liz Stockton, Sins O The Flesh
Best Frank: Jeff Cook, Denver Dynamic Tension (alum)
Best Trixie: Barbara Gliken (Jessica Feldman's mom)
Best Creative: Jauntianne (as Space Magenta)
Best Dr. Scott: Scott Labrecque, Midnight Insanity

Contest winners received a goodie bag which included the Vital Toys RH action figure three pack, the DVD, the Sing It karaoke CD, and the new 25th soundtrack CD.  Patricia Quinn threw in a copy of her new CD, done with group "The Grand"—winner Emily Dewey notes the title is "Open Displays of Affection."

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