The Rocky Horror 25th Anniversary Official Fox Convention
The Rocky Horror Convention in Las Vegas, NV - October, 2000


(Includes ALL of the weekend events)
Part 1 Pre Con Pics
Part 2 Con Candids

Cashman Theatre

Sal & Dori including the Auction & Raffle
Costume Contest
Boss Award

Shock Treatment Tribute

Cast Pre Shows
Sins O' The Flesh
Transvestite Soup
Pink Invaders
Divine Decadence
Midnight Madness
Dr Scott's Extra Forks
Barely Legal
Charming Underclothes
Rich Weirdo's
Sincere Lust
Permanent Record Cast
Castle Transylvanian's
New York City Cast
A Jump to the Left
Broadway Bound and Gagged
Midnight Insanity

Hard Rock Events
Q & A With Nell, Pat, and Richard
Costume Contest Finals

Rocky Horror
Friday Night
Saturday Night

Las Vegas
Non Con Photos (mostly of the hotels on the strip)

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Candid Photos
Including random events and happenings at 
The Cashman and at The Joint / Hard Rock Cafe

P0001838.jpg (69431 bytes) 
The Circus Circus. Official "place to sleep" for convention goers.

P0001885.jpg (45883 bytes)
Some of the "regular" hotel guests checking us out

P0001894.jpg (54970 bytes) P0001896.jpg (32781 bytes)
The outside of the Cashman center, including the convenient Soldier of Fortune Convention located right next door!

P0001886.jpg (54655 bytes) P0001888.jpg (73092 bytes) P0001892.jpg (37664 bytes)
Inside the lobby of the Cashman center and the Crazed Imaginations and Vital Toys tables.

P0001904.jpg (37520 bytes)   
 P0001908.jpg (25916 bytes)P0001907.jpg (30658 bytes)P0001906.jpg (28668 bytes)P0001905.jpg (31599 bytes)
The inside of the Cashman Theater as seen from the stage.

P0001920.jpg (46020 bytes) P0001922.jpg (22292 bytes) 
Getting settled down inside the theater

P0001889.jpg (39563 bytes) P0001890.jpg (42083 bytes) P0001893.jpg (51030 bytes)
Somebody take a picture!

LV-3-02.jpg (30633 bytes) LV-4-02.jpg (34898 bytes) P0001891.jpg (49799 bytes) P0002492.jpg (41591 bytes)
Some Rocky babes

 P0001898.jpg (52387 bytes) P0001899.jpg (58457 bytes) 
Some of the wonderful Japanese cast (didn't you just want to take them all home with you!)

P0001901.jpg (47022 bytes)
LV-4-21.jpg (25252 bytes) LV-4-03.jpg (42042 bytes)
Yours truly and Samantha (Mistress Nico) from Colorado, 
Mandi from Completely Crazy takes a photo of me (kind of a tradition for us)
Mike Webb from Completely Crazy and BoB from Midnight Insanity.

P0001902.jpg (66123 bytes) 
The convention guests sign personal books for Richard O'Brien and Lou Adler

P0001909.gif (96873 bytes) VH1 did the taping for their Halloween Rocky Horror specials at the convention.
P0001910.jpg (35363 bytes)
P0001911.jpg (49094 bytes) P0001912.jpg (58454 bytes) P0001913.jpg (32184 bytes) P0001914.jpg (60086 bytes) P0001915.jpg (79244 bytes) P0001916.jpg (79328 bytes) P0002091.jpg (73427 bytes) P0002094.jpg (85095 bytes) P0002095.jpg (120319 bytes) P0002096.jpg (92161 bytes) P0002097.jpg (80639 bytes) 

P0001917.jpg (57367 bytes) 
Kit from Midnight Madness and John Fugelsang

 P0002263.jpg (76640 bytes) 
The Judges for the pre show contest

P0002148.jpg (38307 bytes) 
(all right, one of the things you had to be there for)

P0001918.jpg (31034 bytes) P0001919.jpg (38801 bytes) P0002451.jpg (57745 bytes)
Cosmo and Laurie

LV-6-20.jpg (85936 bytes) P0002458.jpg (46767 bytes) P0002465.jpg (46177 bytes)
Pictures in and around "The Joint" the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

P0002450.jpg (48796 bytes) P0002447.jpg (52280 bytes) P0002449.jpg (54202 bytes)   P0002452.jpg (55729 bytes) P0002453.jpg (57674 bytes) P0002455.jpg (52747 bytes) P0002456.jpg (57844 bytes) P0002457.jpg (57929 bytes)  P0002459.jpg (32651 bytes)  
   P0002460.jpg (47250 bytes)  

      EM-1.jpg (80425 bytes)       
Chris from Midnight Madness and Mad Man Mike play the Rocky Slots
(Photo by Emily from Midnight Madness)

 EM-4.jpg (111847 bytes) EM-5.jpg (149272 bytes) EM-2.jpg (130159 bytes)
The Rocky Horror Slots and Blackjack Table
(Photos by Emily from Midnight Madness)

  EM-6.jpg (84358 bytes)     EM-3.jpg (78349 bytes)
Chris and a little anarchy in Vegas!
(Photos by Emily from Midnight Madness)

EM-8.jpg (74490 bytes)
Kasey Garish, and Becky from Midnight Madness on right with Nell
(Photo by Emily from Midnight Madness)

EM-7.jpg (53283 bytes) LV-6-19.jpg (33611 bytes)
Emily from Midnight Madness

P0002466.jpg (93294 bytes) P0002467.jpg (79735 bytes) 
Some lovely magentas

P0002462.jpg (63000 bytes) P0002464.jpg (40086 bytes) LV-6-01.jpg (101191 bytes)
The crowd inside The Joint

P0002468.jpg (30159 bytes) LV-6-18.jpg (94066 bytes) P0002470.jpg (56216 bytes)  
Kev Boycik rocks the house with his rendition of Wild and Untamed Thing with Vanessa "Q" Vittoe doing the part of Riff
  P0002471.jpg (64464 bytes) P0002472.jpg (40070 bytes) 

LV-6-14.jpg (84978 bytes) P0002474.jpg (37669 bytes) LV-6-13.jpg (50259 bytes)P0002473.jpg (25635 bytes)
Sal emcee's at the Joint

P0002475.jpg (28031 bytes) P0002476.jpg (34449 bytes) 
Some of the couples that got married in Vegas.

P0002477.jpg (27346 bytes) P0002478.jpg (50142 bytes) P0002479.jpg (53332 bytes) P0002480.jpg (45203 bytes) LV-6-17.jpg (72817 bytes)
Dori Hartley sings, backed up by the winners of the Frank category in the costume contest.

 P0002518.jpg (27015 bytes) 
Anthony Stewart Head (ASH) speaks to the con goers
(for those who don't know he played frank in a run of The Rocky Horror Show)

P0002528.jpg (31406 bytes)
P0002529.jpg (61336 bytes) P0002530.jpg (37886 bytes)
Dori sings again backed up by Pat and Richard

P0002759.jpg (25948 bytes) P0002760.jpg (27311 bytes) 
Appropriately enough, outside my room...

P0002761.jpg (57024 bytes)
P0002764.jpg (47826 bytes) 
Inside my typical CC room.

P0002762.jpg (46365 bytes) P0002763.jpg (39488 bytes)  P0002766.jpg (32774 bytes) 
View from my hotel room window of the incredibly ugly pink Circus Circus Adventure Dome.

P0002767.jpg (32151 bytes) P0002768.jpg (40729 bytes) P0002769.jpg (43745 bytes)
View of the beautiful Luxor and Mandalay Bay hotel from the Vegas airport.

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