The Rocky Horror 25th Anniversary Official Fox Convention
The Rocky Horror Convention in Las Vegas, NV - October, 2000


(Includes ALL of the weekend events)
Part 1 Pre Con Pics
Part 2 Con Candids

Cashman Theatre

Sal & Dori including the Auction & Raffle
Costume Contest
Boss Award

Shock Treatment Tribute

Cast Pre Shows
Sins O' The Flesh
Transvestite Soup
Pink Invaders
Midnight Madness
Dr Scott's Extra Forks
Barely Legal
Charming Underclothes
Rich Weirdo's
Sincere Lust
Permanent Record Cast
Castle Transylvanian's
New York City Cast
A Jump to the Left
Broadway Bound and Gagged
Midnight Insanity

Hard Rock Events
Q & A With Nell, Pat, and Richard
Costume Contest Finals

Rocky Horror
Friday Night
Saturday Night

Las Vegas
Non Con Photos (mostly of the hotels on the strip)

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Costume Contest (Prelims)

While I have your attention... MHO on the costume contest procedures.
Having photographed and seen more than my fair share of costume contests, I feel I can comment on a few things here. Organizers of future cons, please take note.

1. Will you PLEASE keep the contestants for each category on stage already!  
This should be done not only for the benefit of those who want to take pictures, but for the judges. All due respect to the costume contest judges (many of whom I've know personally), but I can't see how they can judge categories with a more than a half dozen contestants fairly otherwise. How can you do a proper rating or comparison when it's over several minutes and contestants and you can't see all of them together? One goal I'm trying to accomplish by putting up pictures of the costume contests here is to try and prevent later bitching about who had what, who didn't, who was better, etc. And without a group shot, that's almost impossible to do. 
Hell, I couldn't even shoot every costume this time around, which leads me to... 

Contestants. Many fly across the stage like you are late for a dinner date or something. If you participated in the costume contest in Vegas and there is no picture of you on this page, 90% for sure that's exactly what you did. If you are too fast for my camera, you are too fast for the judges.
I think that the proper way to do this is to bring ALL contestants for each category on stage at once and have each one individually approach the judges, then go back into line. This will move it along a lot quicker and afford the judges a chance to compare all of the contestants at any given time. 

2. Keep the judges in between the contestants and the audience (so the contestants face ALL of us).  
This has only been a real  problem at one con (Tucson), but I need to mention it again. Obviously, with the stars judging at the Hard Rock this couldn't be helped, but under normal circumstances this is stupid. As much as I don't mind looking at the cute backside of a Columbia or Trixie, we never get to see the full costume and if we do its for a second or two when they are showing you the back of their costume. We want to see it too, and it would also prevent (some) bitching about the judges choices if we see the same thing they do.
Of course and as always, this is just my opinion... but it's my page... - jefF

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Emcee Joe Tabor and our fan panel judges.

Creative Category
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Space Suit
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 Dr. Scott
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