Frankie Goes To Hollywood
The Rocky Horror & Shock Treatment 20th Anniversary Convention 
in Hollywood, CA - June, 2001

Party in the Oscar Room

Oscar Horror Show
 ~Part 1
 ~Part 2
 ~Part 3
 ~Part 4
 ~Part 5
 ~Part 6
 ~Part 7
 ~Part 8

Shock Treatment
 ~Part 1
 ~Part 2
 ~Part 3

 ~Events and Candids

Costume Contest
 ~Part 1
 ~Part 2

Rocky Horror
 ~Pre Show Events
Part 1
 ~Part 2
 ~Part 3

Eat a Dik Picnic

 ~Hollywood Pics

 ~The Adventures of Spooky In Hollywood

Saturday Events & Candid Pics
Featuring Sal's Raffle and the premieres of A Regular Frankie Fan and Elvira's Haunted Hills

The M.I. Banner


The Riff puppet hanging out...


Lainey Kit shows off the Rocky Horror condom.

Pat's autographed issue of Crazed Imaginations #67 and pics for the Crazed interview in issue #72

Checking out issues at the Crazed Imaginations table

Bruce Cutter's Memories of the Past

The piercing booth

Kicking off the showing of A Regular Frankie Fan

Sal's Rocky Raffle
I actually won that poster about 5 seconds after taking this picture

The showing of Elvira's new film, Elvira's Haunted Hills, featuring Richard O'Brien and followed by a Q&A session with the movie's creative team

Candi shows off her boob autographed by Elvira

Ruth chats with some people

Pat, hanging out at the pool, as she was prone to do all weekend. On the right with Sarah from Midnight Madness.

This is how we made George sleep that weekend - he is amused at the mini Teddy Bear overalls (removed from Gremlins Dr. Scott Teddy purchased in an emergency run in Hollywood)

An autographed Columbia Vital Toy (I assume it's signed by the sculptor)
This pic was actually taken at a Hollywood toy store, not at the con.

Zenin's David Award, wearing his hat

Lainey Kit poses with the Charlie Chaplin Metal Sculpture in the Roosevelt Lobby

jefF says, "it's been a long con, I want to sleep..."

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