badgesm.jpg (21469 bytes) El Fishnet Fiesta
The Rocky Horror Convention in Tucson, AZ - October, 1999
@ Fineline Nightclub
~ The people at The Fineline
~ Memorabilia sale, Bill Brennan's Trivia Contest, The Battle of the Janet's Arm Wrestling Championships, The Three-legged Drag Race, News69: The Final Newscast, Elvis The Pelvis and the Hardtime Dancers

@ The Loft Cinema
~ Boss Award Presentation to Bill Brennan, Minnie the Moocher with Bill Brennan, Dame Edna
~ Broadway Bound and Gagged - Tempe, Arizona


~ Marty Roberts and Becky Epstein
~ Scharezade, Heather Schouton and Tim Miller - From Las Vegas
~ A Jump To The Left - Tucson, AZ
~ Sins o' The Flesh - Los Angeles, CA
~ Divine Decadence - Las Vegas, NV
~ The Pink Invaders - Merrillville, IN
~ Barely Legal from The Bay Area Rocky Family (San Francisco, CA)
~ Midnight Insanity from Los Angeles, CA

~ The Costume Contest


~ People in, around, and about the theater, Sal Piro's Memorabilia Auction, I'm Going Home Breakfast.

~ Parties and events around the hotel


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After Hours Events at Tucson 1999

Bawdy Caste throws a kick ass party. I spent most of my down time there (figuratively and literally).
Their room was two doors down from mine... like I had a choice ;-) Thanks guys. - j

P0000560.jpg (32148 bytes) P0000606.jpg (23338 bytes) 
             Signing In.                          Some Thank Yous.

  P0000610.jpg (24155 bytes)
Down the hall.

P0000330.jpg (35990 bytes)
The party to find the weight capacity of the beds.

P0000335.jpg (22381 bytes) P0000341.jpg (31248 bytes)

P0000327.jpg (32721 bytes) P0000332.jpg (32171 bytes) P0000336.jpg (44005 bytes)
The girls of Larkspur.

P0000340.jpg (22591 bytes)
Free massages all around!

P0000333.jpg (30429 bytes) P0000334.jpg (37640 bytes) P0000323.jpg (31139 bytes)
Miss BoB, and Mike from CC.

P0000350.jpg (26897 bytes)
Throwing alcohol off the balcony to the homeless.
And they say Rocky folk don't care...

P0000343.jpg (29505 bytes)
Yours Truly and Bill Brennan. He said something to me like
"Things don't look good for me here... hey jefF look what I can do!" (or something like that...)

P0000570.jpg (38710 bytes) P0000562.jpg (35484 bytes) P0000329.jpg (31030 bytes) P0000635.jpg (29310 bytes) P0000337.jpg (24904 bytes) P0000344.jpg (27655 bytes) P0000567.jpg (24497 bytes) P0000621.jpg (21555 bytes) P0000569.jpg (29042 bytes)

P0000352.jpg (25332 bytes) P0000564.jpg (33454 bytes) P0000565.jpg (33068 bytes)
Girls makin out - nuff said!

P0000581.jpg (64493 bytes)
Did someone say "Fire Code?"

P0000603.jpg (36391 bytes) P0000609.jpg (45552 bytes)
Kate and Larry

P0000568.jpg (22480 bytes) P0000612.jpg (29197 bytes)
And Chris - a girl after my heart....
Massage oil, a $6.95 price tag and a free demo...

P0000613.jpg (17010 bytes)
And its not a party without -security!

P0000615.jpg (21403 bytes)P0000620.jpg (37078 bytes)P0000624.jpg (29686 bytes)
Suzzanne in chains. No further comment nescessary ;-)

P0000619.jpg (36322 bytes) P0000618.jpg (27697 bytes)
Everyone counts the amount of times they've done it that night.

P0000623.jpg (24983 bytes)
The Navy boys know how to get the chicks (it's the uniform).

P0000625.jpg (44133 bytes)
Dancing with the Cactus (in the closet).

P0000626.jpg (34762 bytes)
Telling the story of the Vegas fire.

P0000636.jpg (37397 bytes)
"A little something for Kevin"
Title by Suzanne and Mark

The Wet T Shirt Contest
Okay. Click here for the link to this. Now, I gots to do the normal disclaimer crap here. Although I consider this relatively tame, I have to ask that you not go here if you're under 18.
Now that said, personally I'm opposed to this disclaimer. We live in a society that is so obscenely violent and THAT is accepted, and the naked, or semi naked body is a beautiful and natural thing thing, but there are those who say that it's dirty or wrong to look at it until you reach a certain numeric point in your life. I think it's all a load of crap. If society is on the verge of crumbling because we're subjected to a picture of a bare breast or naked ass, we are all in trouble. I have to put this here so I don't get in trouble. But until the human race moves up to a level of sophistication where we can handle this, I have to put this here so I don't. :-P - jefF

I am over 18 already, let's see some!

I'm not legal yet - back to the Tucson Con Home Page


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