badgesm.jpg (21469 bytes) El Fishnet Fiesta
The Rocky Horror Convention in Tucson, AZ - October, 1999
@ Fineline Nightclub
~ The people at The Fineline
~ Memorabilia sale, Bill Brennan's Trivia Contest, The Battle of the Janet's Arm Wrestling Championships, The Three-legged Drag Race, News69: The Final Newscast, Elvis The Pelvis and the Hardtime Dancers

@ The Loft Cinema
~ Boss Award Presentation to Bill Brennan, Minnie the Moocher with Bill Brennan, Dame Edna
~ Broadway Bound and Gagged - Tempe, Arizona


~ Marty Roberts and Becky Epstein
~ Scharezade, Heather Schouton and Tim Miller - From Las Vegas
~ A Jump To The Left - Tucson, AZ
~ Sins o' The Flesh - Los Angeles, CA
~ Divine Decadence - Las Vegas, NV
~ The Pink Invaders - Merrillville, IN
~ Barely Legal from The Bay Area Rocky Family (San Francisco, CA)
~ Midnight Insanity from Los Angeles, CA

~ The Costume Contest


~ People in, around, and about the theater, Sal Piro's Memorabilia Auction, I'm Going Home Breakfast.

~ Parties and events around the hotel


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Tucson Con 99 Pre Show
Fire Eating to Santana's "Smooth"
Heather Schouton and Tim Miller - From Las Vegas

This was also another one of my favorite events at the con. Not to mention that Santana / Rob Thomas Smooth is one of my favorite songs, but it was nice to see something that isn't very common at a Rocky Convention. (Side note too, Stacey from Midnight Madness managed to be the only person during the event that caught on fire - no REALLY, I'm NOT kidding). I'm sorry I don't have any great pics of this, but part of taking good pictures of a live event is anticipation and timing and it does help if you've see it once or twice to know what to expect also. This is definitely one of those events that the moment would be much better captured on the con video - so get one. - j

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