Bay Area 2000
The Rocky Horror Convention in San Jose, CA - June, 2000
Friday & Saturday
Part 1 - General Con Pictures
~ Part 2 - Personal Pictures
~ The Gong Show
~ Costume Contest

Pre Shows
~ Quad from NYC
~ Franks Virgin Ears - San Francisco, CA
~ Bawdy Caste - Bay Area, CA
~ Wild and Untamed Things (WUT) - Northridge, CA
~ Midnight Insanity - Long Beach, CA
~ Barely Legal - Oakland, CA
~ Sins 'O the Flesh - Los Angeles, CA

~ The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Other People's Pages
Seth from Barely Legal
Arthur's from Castle Transylvanians
Sins O' The Flesh

Related Pages
The Crazed Imaginations Convention Planner

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Costume Contest

CC047.jpg (71966 bytes)
The Awards

CC001.jpg (41628 bytes)
The Judges

CC002.jpg (25550 bytes) CC003.jpg (27827 bytes)
Traditional Trixie

CC027.jpg (38687 bytes) CC028.jpg (35535 bytes)
Creative Trixies (Including a "Screen Accurate Trixie")

CC029.jpg (22429 bytes)
Ummmm... yeah.

CC0032.jpg (43636 bytes)

CC004.jpg (29562 bytes)

CC009.jpg (39810 bytes) CC012.jpg (44028 bytes) CC013.jpg (61386 bytes)

CC010.jpg (35263 bytes) CC011.jpg (30833 bytes)

CC015.jpg (15885 bytes) CC016.jpg (12232 bytes)

CC017.jpg (48143 bytes) CC018.jpg (47696 bytes)

CC033.jpg (39686 bytes)

CC023.jpg (42916 bytes)
Riff Raff

CC025.jpg (31870 bytes) CC014.jpg (59537 bytes)

CC030.jpg (28681 bytes) BA018.jpg (25890 bytes)
A small note, James Norman (on right) was also supposed to enter as Dr. Scott, 
but he
returned the wheelchair he borrowed from the hotel when they needed it back for a guest. 
He should have gotten an award just for that.

CC031.jpg (40288 bytes) CC034.jpg (21159 bytes) CC035.jpg (35381 bytes)

CC022.jpg (18919 bytes) CC008.jpg (34833 bytes) CC050.jpg (49997 bytes)
Most Creative

CC026.jpg (42578 bytes) CC021.jpg (30142 bytes) 
CC019.jpg (23877 bytes)
CC020.jpg (47884 bytes)
Best Of Show (they were the Space Riff and Mags)
complete with specially made neon award.

CC006.jpg (29542 bytes) CC007.jpg (26467 bytes)
Lila and Katy (both looking quite nice here!) announce...

The Winners
Usherette: Darcy Stockton, Bawdy Caste

Accurate Brad: Bernie Bregman, Sins O' The Flesh
Creative Brad: Devo, Wild and Untamed Things

Accurate Janet: Jen Longley, Barely Legal
Creative Janet: Karen Kenzie, Pink Invaders

Accurate Crim: Indy, Midnight Insanity
Creative Crim: Larry Viezel, Home of Happiness

Accurate Columbia: Allison Hassel, Wild and Untamed Things
Creative Columbia: Spring Bradley

Accurate Transylvanian: Julia Young, Midnight Insanity
Creative Transylvanian: Oreo Mudd, Barely Legal

Accurate Dr. Scott: Scott Labrecque, Midnight Insanity

Accurate Magenta: Emily Dewey, Sins O' The Flesh
Creative Magenta: Vixanne, Victimless Criminals

Accurate Eddie: Mark Tomaino, Midnight Insanity
Creative Eddie: Bernie Bregman, Sins O' The Flesh

Trixie: Sonja Schwartz

Accurate Rocky Horror: Scott Bennett, Sins O' The Flesh
Creative Rocky Horror: Devo, Wild and Untamed Things

Accurate Riff Raff: Draven Corvus, Barely Legal
Creative Riff Raff: James Freeman, Victimless Criminals

Accurate Frank: Steve Guerrero, Midnight Insanity

Most Creative: Ed Reed, Barely Legal

Best of Show: James Freeman and Vixanne from Victimless Criminals

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