Bay Area 2000
The Rocky Horror Convention in San Jose, CA - June, 2000
Friday & Saturday
Part 1 - General Con Pictures
~ Part 2 - Personal Pictures
~ The Gong Show
~ Costume Contest

Pre Shows
~ Quad from NYC
~ Franks Virgin Ears - San Francisco, CA
~ Bawdy Caste - Bay Area, CA
~ Wild and Untamed Things (WUT) - Northridge, CA
~ Midnight Insanity - Long Beach, CA
~ Barely Legal - Oakland, CA
~ Sins 'O the Flesh - Los Angeles, CA

~ The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Other People's Pages
Seth from Barely Legal
Arthur's from Castle Transylvanians
Sins O' The Flesh

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The Gong Show

GS024.jpg (56340 bytes) GS025.jpg (41230 bytes)
Our Judges. Brady, Larry, and Dame Edna (Sal).

  GS007.jpg (40109 bytes) GS006.jpg (22808 bytes)
The Olympic Tooth Brushing competition.
(For anyone who has never seen it, this is when they pass a cup and toothbrush down a line of people and they all use the same cup / toothbrush / water, then the last person when they are done [pictured on right here], drinks the water).

GS008.jpg (29094 bytes) GS009.jpg (40803 bytes) GS022.jpg (43105 bytes) GS023.jpg (39834 bytes) GS010.jpg (38473 bytes)
A Whole Nude World

GS011.jpg (38036 bytes) GS012.jpg (25839 bytes) GS013.jpg (38332 bytes) GS014.jpg (35118 bytes) 
Anthony Miller and Carmelo Pool (Bawdy Caste) do the "final performance" of Song for Kat
(Sung to Carole from PI here)

GS015.jpg (31614 bytes) 
 The Break the Table wrestling move.

GS005.jpg (29091 bytes)
 I have no idea what this was, I only remember she lasted about 5 seconds

 GS016.jpg (46281 bytes) GS017.jpg (40746 bytes) GS018.jpg (35330 bytes) GS021.jpg (46365 bytes) GS019.jpg (38303 bytes) GS020.jpg (29602 bytes)
A Spice Girls tribute
(let this be a lesson if you're in the Gong Show, continue to remove articles of clothing as you do your performance and the likelihood that you'll get gonged is drastically reduced)

GS003.jpg (37099 bytes)
And the Winners!

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