Bay Area 2000
The Rocky Horror Convention in San Jose, CA - June, 2000
Friday & Saturday
Part 1 - General Con Pictures
~ Part 2 - Personal Pictures
~ The Gong Show
~ Costume Contest

Pre Shows
~ Quad from NYC
~ Franks Virgin Ears - San Francisco, CA
~ Bawdy Caste - Bay Area, CA
~ Wild and Untamed Things (WUT) - Northridge, CA
~ Midnight Insanity - Long Beach, CA
~ Barely Legal - Oakland, CA
~ Sins 'O the Flesh - Los Angeles, CA

~ The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Other People's Pages
Seth from Barely Legal
Arthur's from Castle Transylvanians
Sins O' The Flesh

Related Pages
The Crazed Imaginations Convention Planner

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Miscellaneous Pictures

BA032.jpg (32201 bytes) BA064.jpg (43225 bytes)   
The hard working staff

BA031.jpg (38812 bytes) Lila2.jpg (19061 bytes) BA065.jpg (27504 bytes)  

BA043.jpg (38603 bytes) 

BA002.jpg (79516 bytes) BA007.jpg (56043 bytes) BA008.jpg (44577 bytes)
Gambling on Friday!

BA041.jpg (26194 bytes)BA042.jpg (32797 bytes) BA019.jpg (26194 bytes)
This was either YMCA, or Rockyrobics, or training of airport runway workers.

  BA083.jpg (22064 bytes)
Larry steals a chair. Some sign language translation.

BA084.jpg (36450 bytes) BA085.jpg (33311 bytes) BA082.jpg (45942 bytes) BA087.jpg (39741 bytes)

BA086.jpg (27332 bytes)  
Jaimie and Ruth

BA089.jpg (25685 bytes) BA090.jpg (28054 bytes)
Mark and Larry - quite glad to see each other.

BA063.jpg (26901 bytes)  
The convention kitty (it was a con for all)

BA030.jpg (49914 bytes) BA088.jpg (42901 bytes) BA006.jpg (44693 bytes)
Boba Fett (Ed Reed) makes the rounds.

BA038.jpg (32718 bytes) BA034.jpg (20641 bytes)  

BA081.jpg (47914 bytes) BA033.jpg (47865 bytes) BA039.jpg (42962 bytes) BA035.jpg (37725 bytes)
Sometimes I feel like a wedding photographer.
(All right, a photographer at a freaky wedding)

BA011.jpg (50534 bytes) BA017.jpg (27321 bytes)  
BA009.jpg (78343 bytes)  
Me and Ruth at the Crazed table

BA036.jpg (44633 bytes) BA060.jpg (42126 bytes)
The silent auction.          Tarot readings.

CC005.jpg (39875 bytes) CC024.jpg (31536 bytes)
The con staff has a meeting

BA068.jpg (33007 bytes) BA015.jpg (42243 bytes)  
One of my fellow photographers at the con.         The con sound system.

  BA040.jpg (37727 bytes) BA044.jpg (32094 bytes)

BA024.jpg (36200 bytes) BA092.jpg (20586 bytes)
Brady brings the mic around the floor.

BA080.jpg (41036 bytes) BA005.jpg (49205 bytes)
The many faces of Sal... errrr, I mean Arthur

BA027.jpg (19535 bytes) BA021.jpg (27051 bytes)  
Sal addresses the crowd.

BA023.jpg (30076 bytes)
Freaky, disturbing,  yet compelling.

BA037.jpg (36937 bytes) 
It's not a Rocky convention without the Police
(actually they were at the hotel for something else here, not us)

The Friday Night parties
(the Saturday night ones looked essentially the same, they just ended a lot earlier)
 BA075.jpg (50308 bytes) BA076.jpg (58315 bytes) BA055.jpg (34907 bytes)BA079.jpg (67172 bytes)

BA074.jpg (44487 bytes) BA056.jpg (34867 bytes) BA077.jpg (28503 bytes)

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