Bay Area 2000
The Rocky Horror Convention in San Jose, CA - June, 2000
Friday & Saturday
Part 1 - General Con Pictures
~ Part 2 - Personal Pictures
~ The Gong Show
~ Costume Contest

Pre Shows
~ Quad from NYC
~ Franks Virgin Ears - San Francisco, CA
~ Bawdy Caste - Bay Area, CA
~ Wild and Untamed Things (WUT) - Northridge, CA
~ Midnight Insanity - Long Beach, CA
~ Barely Legal - Oakland, CA
~ Sins 'O the Flesh - Los Angeles, CA

~ The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Other People's Pages
Seth from Barely Legal
Arthur's from Castle Transylvanians
Sins O' The Flesh

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My Candid Pictures

BA066.jpg (39833 bytes)
Okay, there are a lot of pictures of the girls from PI here (Carole, Karen, and Mindy). That's because... 
A. They are totally cool and gorgeous.
B. They are essentially my extended family (The Pink Invaders are a Chicagoland cast).
C. And they were my room mates for this con. 
Somehow though, I don't think you'll mind, and if you do well it's my page and I don't care.

BA078.jpg (33138 bytes) BA003.jpg (44164 bytes) BA001.jpg (59399 bytes)
Outside our room.

BA072.jpg (28470 bytes)
Violation of the Powerpuff Girls Pt. 2
(Never leave them alone with Jack Daniels, and never leave them in the room alone with jefF)

BA070.jpg (42633 bytes) BA071.jpg (54716 bytes) BA045.jpg (44662 bytes)
The other exit from our room (pictures complete with the noisiest fucking fan on the planet).
 We had no balcony, we had the roof, which was only a small jump over the edge into the pool area

BA069.jpg (43523 bytes) BA012.jpg (36313 bytes)  BA058.jpg (15759 bytes) BA067.jpg (31364 bytes)  BA073.jpg (23696 bytes)   BA091.jpg (25050 bytes) BA025.jpg (37265 bytes) BA016.jpg (40141 bytes)

landj.jpg (29678 bytes) 
me and Lila from SanFran

BA057.jpg (25725 bytes)
Me and Christa. She calls me "sexy jefF". I like that.

Saturday. The pool wrestling match.

 BA049.jpg (44492 bytes) BA050.jpg (60490 bytes) BA051.jpg (78643 bytes)

BA052.jpg (50244 bytes) BA048.jpg (48257 bytes) BA053.jpg (36829 bytes) BA054.jpg (47785 bytes)

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